Our Team Directors

Lidia Santos

Dream Center

Debbie Wells

After School Club

Judi Hyvarinen

FInancial Services

Rosario Lopez

Community Service

Stan Zack

Claude Street Shelter

InnerMission Board of Directors

Dr. J. Calaway

Founder/Chairman of the Board

J. founded InnerMission in 1996 as a community organization to help meet the needs of a city. He has pastored The Gate for over 22 years and has his Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership. 

Scott Wells

Executive Director

Scott serves as the executive director of InnerMission. Scott has 20 plus years of non- profit experience. He is committed to helping people in need become self-sufficient.

Larry Hlista

Director of Development

Larry has an MBA and specializes in community housing development. His passion is to help people find affordable housing and to develop a stable neighborhood for families within the community.

Sandy Koartge

Director of Community Relations 

Sandy is a lifetime resident of Hammond, IN and community activist. She focuses on neighborhood revitalization through community renewal.

Liz De La Garza

Director of Marketing

Liz is a Benefit Analyst for Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. She has a passion to feed those who are hungry and see people break the cycle of surviving and move into thriving through compassion outreach.